Thai Yoga Massage

$90/60 Min - $107/75 Min - $125/90 Min - $160/2 Hours

Thai Yoga Massage features slow, rhythmic compression, acupressure, warm Thai Compresses, and most notably, passive stretching. This style has sometimes been called "Lazy Man's Yoga" because the effects on the muscles can be very similar to a gentle, relaxing yoga class. Today, we use this style of massage to create space, flexibility, and warmth in the body. The people who benefit most from Thai Yoga Massage are active and athletic, but anyone that experiences range of motion issues can benefit from Thai Yoga Massage. If you'd like to experience Thai Yoga Massage but also need Deep Tissue work, try our Thai and Table Combo!

This style is practiced on a futon-like mat, fully clothed. Wearing comfortable clothing, like what you would wear to the gym or to a yoga class, is best.

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