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Scent is a powerful tool for relaxation and therapy on both a physical and mental level. Let our Aromatherapy therapists create an experience just for you and your needs. Aromatherapy can help to deepen the relaxing properties of a massage, or leave you feeling energized and grounded.


In an Ashiatsu Massage, the therapist is suspended on sturdy wooden bars, using her feet and body weight to apply smooth, gliding strokes with deep pressure. This technique requires plenty of strength, balance and control- but the results are so worth the effort. This massage is perfect for people who like deep pressure, but appreciate the flowing, relaxing feel of a Swedish massage.

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Hot Stone

A Hot Stone Massage is the perfect solution for sore, tired muscles. The stones are warmed to the perfect temperature for therapeutic work, allowing the muscles to loosen and relax under the heat and pressure. Stones vary in size and shape so the therapist can choose which best suites the need of a particular area or muscle group. This massage is incredibly soothing and relaxing, while still providing the effective therapeutic care you expect from a good massage.

Thai Compress

Thai Compresses contain a powerful combination of medicinal herbs that help to alleviate pain and inflammation in overworked and tense muscles. The compresses are gently steamed, the heat adding to the healing properties of the herbs, and the scent of the herbs providing an aromatherapy component to the experience.

Foot Massage

Treat your feet to some extra TLC, finishing off your massage with an additional 15 minutes focused just on these down-trodden muscles.

Ashiatsu Massage

Thai Compress Herbs