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What Your Therapist Wants You To Know

Our Therapist Answer The Questions You May Already Be Asking

By Carolina Cuartas - August 17, 2017

What questions do you have?
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"Crying in a session is totally normal and completely welcome.”

We all know that massages can relieve muscle tension, but it also relieves emotional tension and stress. It's completely normal to shed a tear or two during your massage and your therapist doesn't mind. So, don't think you're crazy because you are not alone: “The limbic system in our brain controls our emotions, responses to stimuli, behavior and memories,” says Amy Olthoff, Spa Director of Spa Nalai at the Park Hyatt New York. “When the nerve endings in our tissues are stimulated, it’s not uncommon that this releases trapped emotional memories, even if you may not feel a sense of trauma or sadness."


"Hydration. If you're not properly hydrated, your body can be more sensitive during treatment. You may also feel sickly afterwards."

If you ever had a massage, you’ll remember your therapist telling you to stay hydrated. Kneading and working muscles gets fluids pumping out of your tissue and into your circulatory system, where it heads towards your kidneys.


First off, massages are dehydrating. Kneading and working muscle gets fluid pumping out of the soft tissue and into your circulatory system, where it heads toward your kidneys. That’s why many people have to pee right after a massage. Also, muscle tension can cause restricted circulation, which inhibits the ability for your body to flush out waste. So drink up!


"Showering before your massage is really appreciated.”

This one is more important than you think! Think about it, you and your therapist are in a tiny room for at least an hour. For example, if your getting a massage after working out, make sure you rinse off before getting your massage. Both of our studios have showers, so feel free to come early and take a quick shower before your appointment.


"For female clients... we really don't care if you forgot to shave your legs or don't shave them at all.”

It happens and don’t feel bad or embarrassed about not shaving your legs. “Once I had a female client and she said, ‘I’m so sorry I haven’t shaved in like 3 days.’ I laughed. Men don’t typically shave their legs at all (unless he is a competitive  swimmer). Your therapist is happy to work on your legs.


"Massages are good for your health and is not just a luxury. It is part of a self care routine that will help you connect to your body and mind.”

Massage therapy is beneficial for everyone and shouldn't be seen on as a luxury. Getting massages regularly can help prevent serious medical issues, which will cost much more than a massage every month. There are tons of reasons to get a massage. Massage therapy improves circulation, relieves stress, relaxes tight muscles, reduces inflammation, improves joint mobility, increases energy, lowers blood pressure, improves posture, and so much more.



New Instagram

follow us at lodomassagestudio

By Arynn - January 13, 2017

Want a new way to update yourself on your favorite relaxation spot -- aka LoDo Massage Studio?

Well, you've probably already followed us on Facebook and Twitter for our promotions and maybe even followed our Pinterest where we pin about massage, yoga, health, Colorado and other good stuff...

....but now you can follow LoDo Massage Studio on Instagram too!

We promise, no cute cat photos. (Probably...)

And don't forget, we're opening another level of our RiNo studio location as an event space for pop-up social events!  Click here to join RiNo Yoga Social's Facebook group or follow us on our new RiNo Social Instagram too.

So hurry up! You don't want to miss out. Follow, Pin, Like and Follow some more!

LoDo Massage Studio Staff


RiNo Yoga Social

pop up yoga events in downtown denver

By Arynn - January 9, 2017

Have you heard about LoDo Massage Studio's expansion project?! Check it out!

Our RiNo district studio location is expanding on our previous private yoga offerings to now include public pop-up yoga events! These social events may include live music, meditation, snacks, special workshops, new styles of yoga and other unique elements to deepen your understanding of self-care, yoga and more!

LoDo Massage Studio itself is located on the 2nd floor of our lovely yellow building on the corner of Walnut street, but we have now expanded to the wide-ranging studio spaces above & bellow our original 6-room studio. These new spaces are perfect for events that fuse rhythmic music, meditation and yoga into the perfect rejuvenating atmosphere.

Here is a peek at our last event that included slow flow vinyasa yoga by Brittanie and live harp by Annastezhaa...

Events coming up this month include:

- TONIGHT Jan 12th at 7pm - Guided Meditation with Jane 
- Saturday Jan 14th at 10pm - "DOZE" an ambient slumberparty event
- Thursday Jan 19th at 7pm - Guided Meditation with Nikki
- Wednesday Jan 25th at 7:30pm - Yoga Nidra with Newsha
- Thursday Jan 26th at 7pm - Guided Meditation with Jane 

Keep updated on these unique pop-up social events by joining the RiNo Yoga Social Group on Facebook! We hope to see you there.

LoDo Massage Studio Staff

5 Reasons to Give LoDo Gift Certificates

hint: you're supporting a local business

By Arynn - December 9, 2016

Question -- Have you ever purchased a nice collection of holiday gifts for your loved ones in previous years and thought about where your money was really going?

Whether you're already concious of the companies you're spending with or not, here is a good reason to start:  Local companies support your community and chains support a CEO's ever inflating paycheck. Our company, LoDo Massage Studio, is a concious local company built on the idea of healing our community and offering affordable, high-quality therapeutic massage to Denver, CO. Because of this, we'd like to let you know what kind of company you're purchasing from when you purchase someone a holiday gift certificate from LoDo.

"What happens when you purchase a gift certificate for a massage for your loved ones at LoDo Massage Studio instead of a chain...."

#1. Truthfully, regardless of where you purchase a massage, the recipient is getting healing bodywork instead of an unhealthy box of food or something they won't ever use. BUT with LoDo Massage Studio, you're getting gauranteed quality -- every time. Plus, gift certificates for massages almost always are redeemed and always thoughtful.

#2. If you choose to purchase from LoDo Massage Studio specfically, you can rest assured that you are supporting a local business.  Did you forget to pitch in on Small Business Saturday? Well then, a gift certificate from LoDo will most certainly redeem you!  LoDo Massage Studio may have 2 locations now, but we're still a small business that was started by a Denver native with a dream to help others heal. Our first studio opened in RiNo in 2014 and still has a small business soul that keeps us humble, even as we have gained popularity throughout Denver.

#3. We're just good people. Besides being 2 studios full of healing body workers, we're veteran-friendly, LGBT-friendly and just plain FRIENDLY! You'll be able to see the friendly straight away when you meet our spunky & smiling front desk staff. LoDo Massage Studio also proudly welcomes and employs service members/veterans, is known for donating massage gift certificates to many good causes, has always welcomed the LGBT community with open arms and even sponsored an empowering female athlete -- Sarah Stanley

#4. You're supporting local healers or local body healing artists if you will. Your massage therapists count on LoDo Massage Studio to find them amazing clients, so they can spread the joy of therapeutic massage to Denver. Supporting your community is some seriously good Karma!

#5. Most importantly, you're getting the best massage in Denver. Our massage therapists are well-trained, have years of experience and are dedicated to massage therapy, your well-being and cross-modality healing. We include CBD lotion in our signature Mile High Massage, which infuses more healing into your massage. If you have an appointment at LoDo, you are guaranteed an amazing massage experience.

BONUS: you can choose from adorable holiday-themed gift certificates with the option to print or email them!

So, if you know someone who could use a locally brewed, high-quality massage and they live in Denver, buy them a gift certificate by clicking [HERE.]  You could also buy one for yourself! We won't judge.

LoDo Massage Studio Staff




Happy Thanksgiving!

this week's specials & studio hours

By Arynn - November 22, 2016

Hey LoDo Massage Lovers!

Just in case you missed LoDo Massage Studio's recent offers on our facebook and twitter, here are some of the specials and early closing details you might want to remember if you're looking to book a massage to curb some Thanksgiving hosting stress or work out some of that big-dinner digestive stress.

The holidays are officially upon us, so we know you might just be searching for an early bird price on a massage gift certificate for some other Denver-dwelling massage lover, right?! If so, look no further. Head to our Facebook offer [by clicking right here] now and snag it before it expires tomorrow, November 23rd!

Another special, that has No expiration, is our new 75-minute Mile High Massage for only $84. It's the perfect length to get a base massage and more specialized work. Book that [here] and select which location you prefer.
Thanksgiving Hours

If you will be booking at our Highlands location on 32nd Avenue, this week's holiday hours are:

November 23rd -- 10am to 3pm
November 24th -- Closed
November 25th -- 10am to 7pm (usual hours)

If you will be booking at our RiNo location on Walnut Street, this week's holiday hours are:

November 23rd -- 9am to 3pm
November 24th -- Closed
November 25th -- 9am to 9pm (usual hours)


LoDo Massage Studio Staff