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3 Reasons A Massage Gift Certificate Makes the Best Holiday Gift

Massage is the perfect gift for the special people in your life

Hanna Kim - December 6, 2018

3 Reasons A Massage Gift Certificate Makes the Best Holiday Gift

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for a massage! Are you looking for a last-minute holiday gift idea? Whether you celebrate Christmas, Las Posadas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or holding out for a Festivus miracle, massage makes a wonderful present for anyone in your life. If you need some convincing why a massage gift certificate makes an awesome gift for anyone:

Everyone Needs A Massage

Massage makes a thoughtful and practical gift for anyone in your life. Do you wake up feeling achy some days with no explainable reason? Chances are, your friends and family do too. An expert deep tissue massage can be just the thing to ease away those aches and pains. Perhaps your cousin prefers a soothing relaxation massage - we’ve got that covered too. Our gift certificates are applicable to any Mile High Massage services, where massage therapists always cater sessions to their clients’ exact needs.

You could even buy a couple’s massage gift card to knock out holiday presents for both your parents in one go, or get one for you and your partner so you get to enjoy a massage too! LoDo Massage Studio is in the Highlands as well as RiNo, and both massage studios are open from 9 AM to 9 PM every day so your loved one can use their wonderful gift whenever they need.

You Support Local Business

Small businesses are what make any city special, including Denver. If your best friend lives in Denver or a surrounding neighborhood like Arvada or Lakewood, chances are they spend some time in fun and trendy areas like LoHi or RiNo. Your massage gift card purchase helps local businesses like ours thrive.

Because of what Amiba calls the “Multiplier Effect,” when you shop local, three times the money recirculates within the city, rather than the funds leaving the area when you shop in a large chain store. Your massage gift certificate decision helps not only your loved one but the city they love!

Your Holiday Purchase Helps A Local Charity

This holiday, LoDo Massage will be donating 5% of massage gift certificate proceeds to the Wild Life Sanctuary! Located right here in Colorado, the refuge has grown to become the largest carnivore sanctuary in the world. They provide a safe and nurturing home to lions, tigers, bears and other exotic animals that have been abused, abandoned or kept illegally as “pet". Make a difference by helping end the captive wildlife crisis.

Happy Holidays!


6 Simple Self-Care Tips for A Smooth Finals Week

Hanna Kim - November 29, 2018

Finals week is almost here! Whether you’re a freshman finishing up their first semester of college or almost halfway through your senior year, finals are pretty stressful for almost anyone. Your health may be something easy to neglect during this time. Boost your health and your grades with these self-care tips:

Eat Healthy Snacks

You are what you eat, and eating nutritious food throughout the day will help fuel your studies. Avoid eating too many vending machine snacks like potato chips or sugary sweets at a cafe. Instead, grab a healthy snack like fruit or nuts to give your body the energy it needs. Dark chocolate, hard-boiled eggs, or veggies and hummus are also portable and healthy snacks.

Drink Lots of Water

Have you had something to drink besides coffee or an energy drink? Remember to drink plenty of water too, especially if find yourself drinking more caffeinated beverages than usual. It’s better to limit your caffeine intake to under 400mg a day (about 4 cups), but some may feel side effects like jitteriness or a headache before that many cups. Being dehydrated can make you feel more lethargic than you actually are, too, so make sure to keep a bottle of water handy.

Get Up and Moving

On the days you need to park yourself in the library to study for long hours, it’s good for your body to get some movement. Take a break to go for a run around Wash Park or go for a ride on the Cherry Creek Trail. If the cold makes you hesitant about exercising outdoors, try an affordable drop-in yoga class at RiNo Yoga Social. Exercise helps you de-stress and can help you feel less restless from sitting all day.

Pace Yourself

Chances are, if you have a full class load, multiple exams may fall on the same day. Reduce the stress of cramming last minute by planning ahead. Schedule out when you can make time to study for each exam or work on each term paper. If you have trouble finding motivation, find a study buddy. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started - you can hold each other accountable to meet up and study.

Get Good Sleep

It’s tempting to stay up all night, especially as deadlines draw nearer. Getting adequate sleep is crucial for both the learning process and good memory. Instead of cramming all night, try and maintain your good sleep schedule. For more information, check out this summary by the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard.  

Relax with a Massage

After all that hard work, you deserve a reward. Book a massage for yourself at one of our studio locations to help release knots in your neck and shoulders from reading your notes as well as low back tension from extended periods of sitting

Good luck with finals!


5 Things to Consider Before and After Getting a Massage

By Hanna Kim - November 22, 2018

Massage is wonderful for many reasons - it can melt away stress, improve your mood, and relieve muscle tension, to start. A common question clients ask is how they can get the most out of their session. Here are some tips for things you can do before and after your massage to help those effects stay with you longer.

Take A Shower

Taking a warm shower right before your massage can get you a head start on your path to relaxation. The warm water and steam relax your body and help open up your muscles so that your massage therapist can more easily work away the knots. It’s also just common courtesy towards your massage therapist if you’re coming from a sweat-inducing activity like a hot yoga class or ten-mile run up and down the Cherry Creek trail.

Reschedule If You’re Sick

Though it is often quite sunny in Denver, the temperature has begun to cool with the arrival of fall, meaning a greater tendency for people to get sick. If you start to feel your telltale signs of sickness or have a contagious skin condition, give us a call or send a text message as soon as possible so we can reschedule your appointment. This helps prevent spreading germs to the studio staff and other clients visiting that day.

Stay Hydrated

No, it’s not to help release toxins, which is a myth that will be covered in a future post, but because it’s generally not a bad idea for most of us to drink a little more water. If you’re visiting or new to the Mile High City, you are probably already feeling dehydrated and could use a lot more water. Therapists at LoDo Massage Studio will often offer you a glass of water after your massage to help you feel refreshed after your session.

Try to avoid any coffee or energy drinks - caffeine and other stimulants can undo the relaxing effects of massage.

Keep Up On the Rest & Relaxation

This is your excuse to skip a strenuous workout. It’s important to give your body some time to rest, especially after a more intense massage like deep tissue or myofascial release work. Instead, you can try attending a yin or restorative yoga class or taking an Epsom salt bath. Resume your workouts 12-24 hours after a massage, depending on how your body feels.

Listen to your body
It’s normal to feel a little sore a few hours or the day after a massage. If you feel too uncomfortable during or after the massage, make sure to speak up at your next session so your massage therapist can adjust pressure or techniques to suit you better. Massage therapists have a general idea of what clients like, from past experience and observation, but we cannot read your minds.

It’s good to keep in mind our bodies can hold emotions in different areas; sometimes this may be due to past trauma. Massage may unexpectedly release some of that emotion, so let those feelings pass and be sure to seek out any additional resources if you need help processing them.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Benefits of Feeling Gratitude

Hanna Kim - November 14, 2018

A Shoutout For Gratitude

A popular tradition on Thanksgiving is to go around the table and each name something that we are thankful for in our lives. What if we applied this to our everyday lives? Is there any reason to do that? Science says yes, there are a number of benefits to acknowledging the things we appreciate.

Research in positive psychology has seen an uptick in recent years, including a study that focuses on actions that increase individual happiness in American Psychology. Martin Seligman and his team found those who produced a one-time act of intentional gratitude produced a 10% increase in happiness and 35% decrease in depressive symptoms which lasted six and three months respectively.

In addition, participants who participated in daily journaling for a week reported small, incremental increases throughout time and were so happy with the exercise they continued to journal on their own. Regularly incorporating small mindful actions into our lives can lead to long lasting, positive change.

Celebrate The Good Things Each Day

In the study above, participants simply wrote about three things that well each day. Try taking just five minutes each night to jot down a few things you’re grateful for, and why they make you feel that way for bonus points.

If you’re feeling stuck, here are some more prompts to get you going:

  • I’m grateful for these three things that happened today:
  • I’m grateful for three things I sense (see/hear/feel/smell/taste):
  • I’m grateful for these three plants:
  • I’m grateful for these three animals:
  • I’m grateful for these three people:
  • I’m grateful for these three colors:
  • I’m grateful for these three things in my home:
  • I’m grateful for these three experiences in my life:
  • I’m grateful for these three places I’ve been:
  • Etc.

An alternative is keeping a gratitude jar or box. After you write down the three things you’re grateful for, place them in the jar and repeat. Over time, you’ll see the pile of things you’re grateful for grow, and it can serve as a visual reminder of all the things that bring you joy. Applying the theme of gratitude from Thanksgiving to our daily lives can make us feel happier and more fulfilled. Happy Thanksgiving - each and every day!

"I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual."
-Henry David Thoreau


Myths About Massage: Massage and Toxins

The truth about massage therapists' ability to help you detox

Hanna Kim - November 7, 2018

Can Massage Remove Toxins From Your Body?

The short answer is no, massage does not remove or release toxins from your body. Something you might have heard about massage therapy is that it helps release toxins in your muscles or even detoxify the pollutants that might have accumulated in your body from the food you eat or air you breathe. Despite constant action from massage educators like Sandy Fritz, a founding member of the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education who has also written a number of evidence-based texts for massage therapists, massage myths about toxins still persist.

Lactic Acid Is Not A Toxin

A common pseudoscientific version of the claim that massage therapy can help you detoxify lactic acid produced when you exercise is untrue as well. In reality, lactic acid is a metabolic by-product of energy production when the glucose (sugar) you’ve eaten is converted to a form of energy that is usable for your cells in a process called glycolysis.

The “burn” you feel while exercising is not from toxic lactic acid accumulating in your muscles, but much more obvious: you’re sore because your muscles undergo strain during a good workout. Same with muscle soreness a day or two after a workout: the sensation is simply fatigue.

Lactic acid disappears from your muscles and bloodstream about an hour after exercise, shown in a study dating back to the 1930’s in the Harvard Fatigue Lab (2). Furthermore, a 2004 study on the “Biochemistry of exercise-induced metabolic acidosis” found actually is aimed to diminish the burn.

Self-care like massage will help reduce tension and soreness by helping relax overworked, contracted muscles and fascia, but there is no research to show lactic acid is a harmful, pain-inducing toxin. It can be tempting to simplify what’s going on in our bodies, but sometimes words are used in the wrong context or misconstrued so far out of the realm of truth, which leads to confusion and misinformation.

Massage Has Many Other Benefits

Despite the disproven claim about the power of massage therapy to detoxify your body, there are still many other proven reasons to get a massage. Take a look at our massage therapist staff page to get an idea of the benefits of different modalities practiced at our massage studios. Both LoDo Massage Studio locations in RiNo and the Highlands are open from 9AM to 9PM mountain time each day.