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Using Positivity to Promote Peace and Happiness in Your Life

By Hanna Kim - September 20, 2018

International Day of Peace is a global effort established by the United Nations to commemorate and strengthen the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples.  You can take small steps to create peace within yourself and with others in your life. By making a deliberate choice to think and live with more positivity, you can bring peace and happiness into your life and the lives of those around you.

How do you see yourself and your life in the present moment? Are you loving every moment of it or are you constantly seeing things you wish were different? While it’s great to notice the areas of your life where you want to see change, it is also important to consider the attitudes you adopt.

Start With Positive Thoughts

A peaceful life begins with positive thoughts. You may find it helpful to make a mindful effort to notice how you think, especially when you are experiencing stress. Notice the next time something irks you. What about the situation is irking you? Maybe you are hungry and the wait at your favorite restaurant is an hour long. In this situation, you have the option of turning a negative situation into a positive one by finding another dining place you love. Perhaps you are extremely tired and/or frustrated by your long commute. Make it a point to have a conversation with your boss about changing your schedule to avoid rush hour, or use it as motivation to find a new job. 

Being positive also comes with health benefits you may not have realized. According to the Mayo Clinic, thinking positively could help you better cope with stress and therefore reduce the impacts of stress on your body. Replace negative thoughts with a positive spin and see how this reflects in your life. 

Express Gratitude

Express gratitude for the things that bring joy to your life. Taking the time to acknowledge the things that are working in your life will enable you to appreciate them all the more. 

Try journaling one thing you are grateful for each day for a week and see if you notice any change in your attitude. The things you are grateful for may be something planned, like seeing your favorite band perform, or perhaps they may be something you regularly take for granted, like having a warm bed to sleep in each night or a partner who loves and cherishes you.

Tell your loved ones, co-workers, and others who are involved in your life that you are thankful for their existence. You can express your gratitude in the form of a thank you note addressed to the person who brings your mail, or to your friend for always being there when you need them. This not only brightens up their day but also reminds you of how intertwined our lives and attitudes are with the people around us.



Why Massage is Great for Recovery

How does massage help you with recovering after a stenuous workout?

Hanna Kim - 9/12/2018

Why Massage is Great for Recovery

Fall is just around the corner and we’ve already begun to see the aspens and other foliage change color. It’s a beautiful time of the year to get out and hike local favorites like Maroon Bells or Lizard Head. Whether you’re adding in more hikes to your weekend plans or bumping up the intensity on your tried and true workout, having a post-exercise recovery routine helps keep your body ready for your next adventure. Massage can be a valuable addition to your recovery routine for the following reasons:

Increases Flexibility

After a vigorous hike or workout, your muscles are still tightened and contracted, especially if you decide to hop right into your car instead of getting in cooldown time to stretch. Deep tissue massage helps release these overused muscles and myofascial therapy can help work your connective tissue to get your body back into a more neutral position.

Helps Relieve Pain

When your muscles are used for an extended amount of time, you create tiny tears in the fibers. The tears aren’t bad, but actually a necessary step for creating stronger muscle tissue. Normally, this leaves you feeling sore in the following days as your body recovers, but a research study published in Science Translational Medicine shows massage can facilitate your body’s healing process.


The small tears in your muscles from exercise fire up an inflammatory response to begin healing those areas. Massage has been shown to reduce the production of a compound called cytokines which play a critical role in inflammation, while also stimulating mitochondria in the cells, which are responsible for converting glucose into energy required for cell function and repair. This means massage can both reduce pain and increase cellular repair.

While popping an aspirin might seem to provide good pain relief in the short run, the way anti-inflammatory medications work is different from massage and may actually inhibit the healing process according to the study’s senior author, Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky.

Soothes Your Nerves

While deep tissue techniques are great for relieving physical tension, there’s nothing like Swedish massage to really help you zone out. Gentler massage modalities can be just as impactful as deep tissue work by getting your mind and body to relax.

With the Mile High Massage offered at both LoDo Massage Studios, you have the option of having your massage therapist combine different techniques to create the best results towards for your recovery. For example, you can have your therapist use deep tissue to work your muscles for the first half of the session, followed by a soothing relaxation massage for the last half.



Massage Modalities at LoDo Massage Studio - Part 2

LoDo Massage Studio also offers injury recovery massage, prenatal massage, and massage for minors.

By Hanna Kim - September 5, 2018

 In an effort to streamline the massage experience here at LoDo Massage Studio, we offer one main service, the “Mile High Massage,” in different time allotments. However, one service does not mean one experience. There are nearly 50 massage therapists between our two studios in RiNo and the Highlands neighborhoods. This means 50 different combinations of experience and training in modalities clients have available to choose from. These different massage modalities each have their own benefits, so here are three options suited for different people:

Massage for Minors

If your child is like the many other students in Denver participating in school sports, chances are they could use a massage to relax overused muscles after a long season of training and matches. Or perhaps they are also suffering from neck and shoulder pain due to hours spent sitting and studying for exams or maybe they have “text neck,” a modern ailment from the overuse of technology.

Massage is available for minors who are under 18 years old at LoDo Massage Studio. A parent or guardian must accompany younger clients and co-sign their liability waiver.

Prenatal Massage

A fairly common misconception that massage is bad for pregnant women still lingers today. There is no research that shows massage will stimulate an early labor or miscarriage. In fact, massage has many benefits for pregnant women.

Your body goes through many changes during pregnancy that can lead to pain, most commonly in your lower back and hips, as well as discomfort in your joints. Prenatal massage helps relax your body so you can get as much restful sleep as you can before the baby comes.

We recommend receiving a prenatal massage from massage therapists with the proper training since there are some additional precautions to take.

Recovery Massage

An injury recovery massage can greatly decrease the time you need in order to get back up and running at 100% after an injury. Massage can help reduce the compensation patterns you may develop in response to an injury such as a muscle strain, sprain, fracture or bone break. After these injury sites are past their acute stage of healing, massage therapists can also help loosen tightened and scarred muscle tissue to encourage proper healing.

We strongly recommend getting any serious injuries cleared with your doctor prior to coming in for a massage.

By learning a little about the different types of massage, you can make your Mile High Massage completely unique to your needs. Stay tuned for future posts on even more types of massage offered at LoDo Massage Studio!



8 Healthy and Fun Ways to Spend Your Labor Day Weekend!

By Carolina Cuartas - August 27, 2018

We can all agree the best part about living in Colorado is countless ways to unwind and relax during the weekend! Whether you're deciding to have a mini staycation or heading up to the mountains, we've put together a list of 8 healthy and fun ways to spend your weekend!

1) Zen Your House

I recommend starting this project by silencing your phone and playing some relaxing music. A downtempo or ambient mix will work best for creating a upbeat, but tranquil environment.  Light an incense or spray your favorite cleansing fragrance (eucalyptus spray is a great, cheap option).
Now, you are ready to zen out your house. Start by de-cluttering, adding plants, let the light in, play around with earthy, light colors, and remove an unnecessary decor. It'll boost your mood and make you more productive. (Importance of Plants in the House)

2) Work On Your Bucket List
Don’t already have one? Create one and check at least one off. Think about what YOU want to do during your life and work towards those goals! Your bucket list should include both long-term and short-term goals. (How to Make A Bucket List).
3) Go Camping
Feel like you need to getaway? Go camping! Camping is an inexpensive and fun way to get away from the hustle and bustle. Spend time in nature, be present, and forget all of your the day-to-day stressors! Don’t have camping gear? Ask a friend!

4) Catch Up On Sleep
If you aren’t getting enough snooze during the week, make sure to allow yourself to sleep in or sleep early.

5) Make A Playlist Of New Podcast
Podcasts are a cheap, easy way to learn and promote self-development. Make a list of what you want to get better at or what you are working towards, and make different playlist with relating Podcast.

6) Practice Yoga
The benefits of yoga is seemingly endless. It’ll improve your posture, recharge your body and mind, keeps your mind clear, boosts your mood, relaxes your system, promotes better sleep, improves your self-esteem, and so much more!
Find donation-based or free yoga classes in your area. If you’re Denver, RiNo Yoga Social is my go-to yoga studio or book a private yoga session at the studio.


7) Do What You’re Passionate About
Do you like to paint, read, rock climb, or bike? Unwind by doing what makes you happy. Or, learn a new hobby that can potentially turn into a passion.

8) Spend Time With Your Family and Friends
Most importantly, spend time with your family and friends. There is no better way to decompress and get your mind off work than sharing laughter with the ones you love!
9) Book A Massage!
Massage is a great way to decompress and relieve tension you may have built up! Also, this is a perfect opportunity to get a couples massage or group massage with friends you don't usually have time to spend time with!

We book up pretty quickly during Labor Day Weekend, so make sure to book now!
RiNo/LoDo 720.360.0035 // Highlands 720.999.3336


Different Types of Massage Offered at LoDo Massage Studio

By Hanna Kim - August 7, 2018

We offer many different styles of massage at LoDo Massage Studio. Different modalities serve different purposes and have a variety of benefits that you may not know about. Here is a handy guide to the services offered at our studios.

The Mile High Massage is our basic 'No Fluff, No Buff' massage at both our studios in the Highlands and RiNo in Denver. Generally a basic massage goes in one of two styles: Swedish and Deep Tissue.

Swedish Massage

Swedish, or “traditional” massage is what comes to mind for many when they think of massage. It can be a good introductory session for those coming in for the first time since it is gentle and relaxing.

Swedish massage largely consists of long gliding strokes and can also include kneading, friction to create heat, tapping, and jostling. Many health benefits from this relaxing style of massage including relief from stress and muscular tension. You’re sure to leave feeling refreshed and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Deep Tissue Massage

This is the to-go option for those suffering from chronic muscular pain and quality deep tissue work is what our studio is best known for.

As in the name, with deep tissue massage, therapists will go deep. It is an effective way for clients to gain relief from a variety of complaints including thoracic outlet syndrome, piriformis syndrome, whiplash, back pain, tennis elbow, and other musculoskeletal injuries.

Deep tissue can get confused for deep pressure. You can request deep pressure throughout a massage, if that is your preference, but deep tissue work is targeted work intended to create change in chronically over-contracted muscles and fascia. Keep in mind your massage therapist may need to slowly work into the muscle fibers to help them release.
Enhance Your Massage with a Specialty Upgrade

We offer quite a few options for upgrades described below, if you want to add something different to the basic Mile High Massage. Check out our staff bios to see who offers the style of massage you’re looking for before booking your next appointment.

Thai Massage

This style of massage is similar to a yoga class with hands on adjustments, but with Thai massage, the therapist will stretch you into the positions designed to free muscular and joint tension. The practitioner will be using their entire bodies in the session, for example using their hands to stretch a limb and their feet to massage the area.

The therapist does not apply any oils or creams, and instead uses a combination of passive stretching, compressions, pulling, and rocking to work the body. The variety of techniques are applied along sen, or energy lines in a rhythmic manner that is both relaxing and stimulating.

Thai massage improves flexibility, reduces tension, stimulates internal organs, and balances the body's energy system. The standard procedure for a full-body experience can last up to two hours. Techniques can also be focused on for a shorter massage session designed to relieve certain pain symptoms.

Traditionally, Thai massage is performed on a mat on the floor, instead of a massage table. Clients are recommended to wear comfortable clothing (think: gym clothes or active wear) for the session.

Hot Stone Massage

Heat has historically been used to ease muscle tension and pain by increasing blood flow to the area of tension.  River rocks are heated up and positioned along a client’s body to help soften muscles. Your therapist may massage you directly with the stones or knead your muscles once the heat has made them more pliable.

The hot stones are warm and comforting, especially in the winter months. Clients who have received hot stone therapy often say the heat of the stones create a more soothing and relaxing experience than a regular massage. A massage therapist can also use cold stones in alternation with hot stones.

Ashiatsu Massage
The word ashiatsu can be broken down for a literal translation: ashi means “foot” and atsu means “pressure.” There are a number of ways ashiatsu can be performed. At LoDo Massage Studio, massage therapists who practice ashiatsu use bars hanging off the ceiling to balance on a client’s back.

By directly using the strength of their hips and legs, massage therapists can provide clients a much deeper pressure. This modality is recommended for those with  especially muscular bodies, thick fascia, or any areas that feel like they just need a little something more to release.

Cupping Massage
Cupping massage caught a lot of public attention in the summer Olympics in Rio a couple years back, and for good reasons.

Cups are made of a variety of materials, not limited to silicon, plastic and glass, but all have the same function of suctioning onto your skin to pool blood into a tense area of the body. Unlike most massage that are an application of pressure, cups bring things to the surface instead. 

Acupuncturists may leave cups on pressure points for as long as 20 minutes, but for massage purposes, the therapist should move them from a static position after a few minutes and use them as moving tools.

Areas with bruising, soreness, burns, open injuries and hematomas should be avoided for cupping, as generally is with massage. Those with underlying health conditions should check with their medical doctor as more serious side effects can occur from improper placement.

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