Why You Should Stock up on Lotion This Fall

Fall is just around the corner and for stylists around the greater Denver area, that means one thing: chapped and dry skin will quickly become the new normal. When you work with your hands all day, it’s normal for your skin to feel rough once the temperatures start to drop and our small amount of humidity dries up. Investing in lotion, like the Body Lotion by Frejya, can help you better prepare for the challenges your skin faces during the fall and winter. Here’s why you should stock up now and start using lotion as part of your self-care routine.

Keeps Your Hands Soft
Stylists expose their hands to all sorts of drying products. You’re expected to wash your clients’ hair, deal with styling products like gels and sprays that coat your hands in sticky residues, and have to wash your hands dozens of times a day. All that activity can cause your hands to get rough. And the rougher your hands are, the more likely it is that your clients will experience discomfort when you’re working. Dry skin can snag hair as you’re cutting it and cause your touch to be harder than normal. 

By using lotion on a regular basis, you’ll help keep your hands soft. This can improve your clients’ experience every time they’re in your chair.

Combats Calluses
Calluses are normal and can help protect your hands from soreness as you’re cutting hair. But those calluses can also become so big that they interfere with your ability to use your scissors, combs, and other tools easily. When you use lotion, the extra moisture can help keep calluses soft and reduce the risk of them becoming so big that they interfere with your ability to do your job. 

Keep in mind that lotion is just one part of your hand-care routine. You’ll also want to exfoliate your calluses if they start getting large or are overly dry.

Reduces Discomfort
It should come as no surprise that dry skin can be itchy. While this is annoying when you’re not working, it can keep you from enjoying your job if you let it get too bad. By using lotion throughout the day and ensuring that you have enough on hand to get you through the colder months, you’ll dramatically reduce the discomfort you experience. Your skin will be less dry and, as a result, less itchy and less prone to cracking or splitting around your cuticles. 

Helps You Maintain a Professional Image
Clients expect you to look the part of a stylist. This means your hair needs to be on-point and your image needs to look professional every day. If your hands are cracked, dry, or callused, it may create doubts in their minds. The more effectively you care for yourself, the more confidence your clients may have in your abilities and your status as a professional stylist.

Stock up Today
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