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$20 Ashiatsu Massage

For an Ashiatsu Massage, the therapist balances herself with ceiling beams, which allows her to use her entire body weight for the deepest massage. Our Ashiatsu therapists use their strength and control to apply smooth, gliding strokes using their feet. Yes, our massage therapists carefully wash their feet before and after every Ashiatsu session.

This technique might be just what you’re looking for if you’re someone with dense muscle tone and/or a larger body frame in need of deep pressure massage. Available at LoDo/RiNo locationTake a closer look here

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Additional Massage Options:

$20 Neuromuscular Therapy

Newly added

$20 Aromatherapy

No additional time required

$20 Foot Massage

Additional 15 minutes required

$10 Apothecanna Extra Strength CBD creme

Get double the CBD’s with a massage using Apothecanna’s Extra Strength Creme. Great way to melt away especially stubborn muscles after a heavy workout or stressful work trip. Just $10 more for a full body application.