Reviews for LoDo Massage Studio

Love this place! Everyone is awesome and so close to home.

– Cassandra S.

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I absolutely love Lodo Massage. I've seen a few of the therapists there but have ultimately settled on Sarah and she's phenomenal. The perfect amount of pressure and a great atmosphere. She's very responsive and incorporates some guided stretching. Absolutely highly recommended.

– Jessica M.

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I took the Noon Yoga class with David it was amazing. I got more personal help than I ever have. I have limited range of motion in my left arm and the one on one help was perfect. I can't wait for my next class!

– Stephanie L.

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Had my first massage yesterday, with Nikki.

I was a bit nervous at first, but Nikki was very disarming and made me feel very comfortable.

I'm a long distance barefoot runner, and have had some trouble with my right Achilles.

She worked my calves, feet and Achilles, and it was just amazing.

I just wanted to thank her and LoDo Massage, and tell her that I was able to walk back to Spire with no discomfort whatsoever.

Thank you Nikki.

– Kenth P.

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I was super impressed with Lodo Massage. I don't get massage more than a few times a year usually, so when I do go, I'm kind of picky about where I want to spend my money. I want the experience to feel a little spa-like/relaxing and also be a great massage. I wasn't sure what to expect with a yoga/massage studio. I didn't want it to feel like I was getting a massage in a gym and lose the calm/quiet environment that you are usually guaranteed in a spa setting. But this place really surpassed my expectations. The staff is extremely friendly, the studio is quiet and the space is really nice inside. The whole feel of the place is non-pretentious and not at all intimidating...not always the case at a spa (something I think would be great especially for a first-time massage client). The massage room areas are set apart from the yoga area, dimly lit, nicely decorated and feels completely like you're stepping into a quiet relaxing spa where you'd want to be getting a massage.

More importantly, the massage itself was one of the best I've ever had. My last therapist, Sarah, gave me such an intense and much needed deep tissue massage and she really fixed the upper back problem area that I told her about. She took the time to really get an understanding of what problems areas I had, and took the attention to focus in on those throughout the next hour. I'd highly recommend this place to anyone!

– Jennifer C.

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I had a great massage from Taylor. I read the review from The Cannabist and I immediately called for a session with Taylor. I'm so glad I did, it was definitely a one-of-a-kind experience!

– Beth Anne D.

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I absolutely love getting massages at LoDo Massage Denver, on Walnut St - Kristina S takes me to a level of relaxation that is absolutely unbelievable!! Go and see them, you will not be disappointed!!

– Meg H.

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Brenna and Taylor gave my girlfriend and I the best massages we've ever had! I would highly recommend visiting LoDo Massage!

– Andrew O.

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I contacted Ed on a Monday for a Friday corporate event (Employee Appreciation Day). He met our needs in this short period of time by scheduling 4 massage therapists to come to our office to provide chair massages. Allison, Taylor, Brenna and Jessi were GREAT! They worked non-stop all day giving our employees chair massages and our employees absolutely LOVED it! I would highly recommend them for any corporate event. We will DEFINITELY use them again.

– Carol C.

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I had an excellent massage here! The space is beautiful, and everyone who works here is very friendly and professional. I highly recommend it!

– Jen D.

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I had a great massage at LoDo Massage and Yoga! The massage therapist listened when I went over trouble areas and made sure not massage too hard on my bad shoulder. The only suggestion I have is to add some signage. I went at night and I wasn't sure if I parked outside the right building and then wasn't sure if I walked into the right studio (this maybe is already done, I went a few weeks ago when they first opened at the new location).

– Emily F.

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Convenient location, online scheduling, great selection of services and wonderful therapists. Highly recommend.

– Paul D.

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This is an amazing place. Ed, Alexi, and the entire staff are so awesome to work with. Everybody that I have met so far are so sweet and care so much! We take our clients to LoDo Massage for the Mile High massage, and all of our people have ABSOLUTELY LOVED every second of it!!! The space is amazing, it has a very professional, yet home-y feel that really makes you feel extra relaxed. I can't wait for the continued business with my company and LoDo Massage. If you are debating, definitely go get a massage here!!!!

– Ellie H.

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AMAZING! Hands down one of the best massages I've had in my life. My mom's a LMT so I consider myself an expert after 32 years of massage from literally hundreds of therapists. Ask for Matt...AMAZING!

– Kiara M.

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Wonderful!! I received an hour long deep tissue massage from Sarah. She was so talented and I was impressed by her skill! The environment was very calm and relaxing. They offered me a delicious cup of green tea from a local Tico Tea. Staff and owner were outstanding in customer service and making me feel comfortable. The massage was incredible. My problem areas feel a thousand times better and the rest of my body is much better off after the work done. Needless to say I WILL be back many times and will also try their yoga. Thank you LoDo Massage!

– Alexis F.

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I came in to Denver for business. After a week of stressful meetings I needed some stress release. I called lodo massage and scheduled a Yoga session and massage. Rachel was my yoga instructor and was very warm and welcoming. I had never done yoga before and she was very non judgmental of my rookie technique. Next I got a massage from Rachel as well. Very good professional massage . I will be back next time I'm in town.

– Grant B.

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THC infusion is a huge plus. Clean, friendly atmosphere. Great pricing.

– Evan C.

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I had the most amazing experience at Lodo!!

Friendly staff, clean and zen building. I got a restorative massage with their Mile High massage. Which I recommend to everyone. I was sick for three weeks and after my massage I feel good as new! A glorious steam bath and a relaxing stretch in their yoga studio.

Truly an Epic experience!

– Jeanette H.

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Lodo Massage and Yoga Studio is the best. It is a very nice and relaxing space. It is very well run and I would recommend it to anyone. Specifically, Kristina gives the best massages that I have ever experienced. I am a big fan of the ApothaCanna THC and CBD infused massage lotion that is featured in Lodo's Mile High Therapeutic massage. I have had 60, 90 and 120 minute massages from Kristina and highly suggest that you splurge for the 120 minute massage. It will blow you away. I have also recently tried the 1 hour private yoga and 1 hour massage combo that Lodo offers. The combo is an amazing deal! Rachel was my yoga instructor and massage therapist and was wonderful. I am a yoga beginner and she was very patient, kind and clearly loves what she does. The massage that she gave me after stretching out every muscle in yoga was delightful. If you are in the market for private yoga or amazing massage, you are doing yourself a disservice by not booking with Kristina and Rachel.

– Jeremy B.

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The facilities, staff, and ease of service at LoDo massage studio is top-notch. Their good rates and 10% returning discount has made this place a weekly ritual for me. I never work the same schedule, so I've ended up getting massage from 6 or so staff members at the studio. All have been great! I was skeptical about their 'mile high' massage (they use cannabis oils), but after using it I can't switch back, it really helps relax the muscles more. Give this place a shot.

Visited October 2014

– Max C.

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I had a massage over the weekend with Cher. Besides her being able to get my tense back to loosen up, she also paid particular attention to areas that I feel some therapists can skip over or not spend enough time on. I will definitely be back to Lodo Massage's great RiNo location!

Randomly, loved the music selection (wonder if I can steal the playlist). :)

I'm also taking my employees here this week for yoga. Looks like a great, intimate spot.

– Kristy W.

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I had a massage in March with Kristina and it was one of the best I've had. It's a great facility and feels very professional but also very personalized. Kristina took extra time and was incredibly responsive to the back pain I'd been experiencing and was wonderful!

– Gretchen H.

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