Universal LiT LED lights are one of the most vital factors within any indoor cultivation operation. Some of the reasons cultivator choose LEDs over traditional options are electricity savings, greater control, and longevity. 

LED grow lights consume fewer watts to produce the same amount of usable light as HID bulbs. A head grower can use LEDs to deliver more PAR to their plants per watt of electricity. The energy savings that growers can expect from using a very efficient LED grow light, instead of an HID grow light, can be around 48%.

Not only do they make a difference in energy efficiency, they also have positive effects on plant health. LED lights have a larger range of usable light while decreasing the risk of overheating the space. HPS lights give off an incredibly large amount of heat, while also needing replacement up to every six months, creating issues and limitations that cultivators shouldn’t have to worry about so often. 

Universal LiT LEDs help to keep the environment sustainable while also decreasing the workload of your HVAC system and other environmental control elements. Head Growers have reported a reduction of 50% in air conditioning costs when switching to LEDs. Not only does the A/C reduction stem from the efficient lighting technology of LEDs, but growers can run their grow room temperatures up to 10° F warmer when using LED grow lights.

Many Head Growers, using LED lights,  report faster flower growth and development with some strains finishing up to 5 days sooner. Spectrum & Dimming control are incredibly unique features to LED grow lights, as well as scheduling and timing built into the lighting controls, giving you many more nuanced options within your cultivation process. 

Ask us how you can get the newest, most efficient aspect of LED lights in your grow room, with Universal CO2.