Advantages of Private Yoga

A look into LoDo's longstanding belief in combining therapeutic modalities

By Arynn - June 6, 2016

So….Why Private Yoga?

LoDo Massage Studio introduced private yoga to their simple yet effective menu of therapeutic offerings early on, because it’s proven that combining the modalities of yoga and massage increases the benefits of both.  In combination, they are a healing force to be reckoned with and your body will certainly thank you. Increased mobility, deeper breathing, muscle tone, faster injury recovery and reduced inflammation are just some of the changes you might look forward to.

Since you’re likely reading this because you’re curious about the aforementioned “benefits” that are specific to private yoga itself, here are a few…

For starters, it doesn’t have to be a completely private experience. If it’s more financially or emotionally comfortable for you to share your yoga session, you can bring [3] other guests. At LoDo, that hour, along with a brief consultation beforehand, is yours for $60 either way. That includes a partner, spouse, friend or up to [3] friends at no additional cost.  You can even add a massage (*highly recommended) for yourself and/or others to further personalize the experience and amp up the therapeutic benefits.

A main benefit to private yoga, rather than a public class, is that it is a safe space for YOUR yoga practice. A private space with a certified yoga instructor reduces intimidation that can be associated with full group classes, especially for beginners. You know you’re free to make mistakes and learn exclusively under the professional eye of your instructor.

Another benefit is that a private (or semi-private) yoga session will give you the space, time and attention you need to specifically voice your special health concerns, injuries, or any other limitations. Your instructor can then better understand your needs and adapt your yoga experience.

Private yoga sessions are also a unique time in which you now have a partner (your instructor) whose sole intention is to help You with your specific goals – whether those goals are mental, emotional, or physical. Private yoga is just as much about stress reduction and emotional relief as it is body awareness. LoDo’s instructors are there to really, truly listen to what you say and what your body is saying, so they can uniquely tailor a class to you as an individual.

Along with the benefits that are inherent to a private yoga session, that may not be present in a public yoga class, there is the after-care. You may be given therapeutic suggestions, aka “yoga homework.” Your registered LoDo yoga instructor will often give you recommendations that will help you get the most out of your future yoga practices… and life in general! Habits to practice, classes to try, a suggested frequency and other things to demystify how yoga can benefit you in the long term.

And finally, for our aspiring head-standers and arm-balancers, a very important benefit is that you can safely practice poses that challenge you in a comfortable and encouraging environment. Strong hands will assist you, a kind voice will remind you to breath, and you can safely tackle those poses that seemed out of reach before your private yoga session.

So, please don’t hesitate to call LoDo Massage, or chat with our front desk staff in person to setup a private yoga session for you.  It is a modality we recommend to our regular clients who live in Denver, CO and all our traveling guests as well. After all, we believe everybody deserves a little yoga in their lives. :-)


Arynn RYT | LoDo Massage Studio Instructor

* private yoga is available at our RiNo/LoDo location on 31st & Walnut

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