Massage Therapy for Cancer Patients

are there benefits for serious illnesses?

By Arynn - August 18, 2016

On a more serious note, for all our LoDo Massage lovers who may be a patient at some point in their lives or have a loved one who is affected -- this is for you.

While many of LoDo Massage Studio’s local Denver clients seek massage therapy treatment for tension, soreness, stress and other more common bodily issues, massage therapy is actually highly beneficial for those currently under medical supervision for major illnesses, like cancer.


    According to the National Institute of Health, the most prominent benefit of massage therapy for patients with debilitating illnesses is the improvement in the quality of life, as it produces a distinct calming effect and heightened sense of well-being. Medical studies show that the manipulation of myofascial tissue in massage can have a significant calming effect on the central nervous system and also increase the happy-hormone dopamine. It is well known that many modern forms of cancer treatment are exhausting to undergo and can cause tremendous emotional distress. By adding therapeutic massage to a cancer regimen that is full of stressful and sometimes painful treatments, it is often a very welcome reprieve for the patient. ....Who doesn't want to feel taken care of during such a life altering ordeal?

* Bonus: As the nervous system is calmer following a massage, it can thereby improve sleeping problems associated with the  emotional distress and discomfort of cancer.


    Additionally, just like the majority of LoDo Massage Studio’s clients, reducing inflammation and increasing circulation are central benefits of massage. As many cancer treatments involve constant medications or IV fluids, increasing circulation could actually expedite the distribution of medicines through the body and patients may then respond faster to treatment. Many studies have also noted that regular massage therapy reduced patients need for more pain medication, as the soothing motions on myofascial tissue had a natural pain relieving effect. LoDo Massage offers CBD-infused pain creme that can also help with painful and inflamed areas. Massage therapy is often found to improve recovery time by reducing inflammation, preventing edemas and reducing uncomfortable swelling that can be a side-effect of certain cancer types and treatments.

    Although less research is available on the correlation, there is evidence to suggest that massage therapy can even boost immunity. As circulation improves, new blood cells form which can help fight off infection and carry essential nutrients to the body.  When chemotherapy is used, the immune system is depleted, so massage is beneficial following that treatment. In the case that an immune-debilitating cancer is present, like leukemia, massage therapy is not a cure, but could certainly be considered a supplemental treatment to assist other medical measures.

    In cases of cancer affecting the lymphs area or breast area, lymphatic massage can be extremely helpful in increasing circulation and even internally cleansing the affected areas. Simple lymphatic drainage massage is offered by a select few of LoDo’s massage therapists, so be sure to call and schedule in advance if you are interested.

    All in all, LoDo Massage Studio offers a soothing atmosphere, kind staff and many experienced massage therapists with caring hands to assist anyone who is seeking a mood-boosting massage during a challenging treatment process. Medical cancer treatments are often rigorous, emotionally draining and many patients find it beneficial to care for their mind and body through professional and gentle massage therapy. 

     We at LoDo Massage would love for nothing more than to help anyone going through the terrible ordeal of cancer or other serious illness to visit the studio for exceptional massage therapy, a well deserved mood-boost and a rejuvenating space in either our RiNo or Highlands studio locations that are tailored for your comfort.

Happy Healing,

LoDo Massage Studio Staff

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