Annoyed with Low Back & Hip Tension?

this muscle may be the cause

By Arynn - September 20, 2016

At LoDo Massage Studio, we have seen many of our clients complain of unidentified or chronic hip tension often combined with lower back pain that they can't find the origin of.  This usually leads to our amazing massage therapists asking questions to see if the deep and little known psoas muscle might be to blame.

The psoas is a deep inner hip flexor muscle that wraps behind the body and attaches mostly to the lumbar vertebrae. When tight, it can feel painful deep inside the hip or even pull enough to stiffen the lower back.

When you arrive for massage therapy at our studio, we recommend that you thoroughly explain the type and location of the pain or tightness. During your massage treatment your LoDo massage therapist will usually be able to identify if a tight psoas is the cause and use bodywork techniques that help tremendously with releasing this stubborn muscle.

Between sessions with your massage therapist, we do request that you do your homework! What homework you ask? Self-care and wellness homework that is. Massage therapists will often recommend hot or cold compresses, an epsom salt bath or specific stretches.

And since we at LoDo Massage Studio LOVES to combine the therapeutic modalities of yoga and massage, here are some go-to stretches and poses that you can do at home to release and strengthen a stubborn psoas:

* Bulgarian split squats | *yogi tip: be slow and gentle on your knees & don't let your knee go past your toes.

* Deep Warrior I & II | *yogi tip: try to bring the front thigh/femur parallel with the ground with a longer stance. If you have aerial yoga silk access, you can try dynamic aerial lunges.

* Reclining Bound Angle Pose | *yogi tip: make sure props like a blankets/bolsters are available. This pose is often taught in yin or restorative yoga classes offered privately at LoDo Massage Studio RiNo and Highlands.

Wind-Relieving Pose | *yogi tip: Tuck under your tail bone to protect your lower back and be sure to BREATHE.

Bridge pose | *yogi tip: you'll probably feel this in your glutes, but intensify by doing half bridge (reclining figure four) if it's already in your yoga practice.

If you are unfamilliar with yoga, would love to explore the aforementioned poses, or experience the amazing benefits fof yoga or the hips and back, please feel free to check out our private yoga and massage combos here.


Have any further questions about private yoga or massage for your tension, low back or the psoas? Please feel free to call #720.360.0035 for an appointment or for recommendations on a therapist or instructor who may suit your wellness needs the best.


LoDo Massage Studio Staff


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