NEW November Yoga&Massage Combo Deal

30 MINS of Expert Private Yoga Instruction followed by an 60 MINS of Massage

By Juliette - November 1, 2016

NOVEMBER PROMO: 30 MINUTES of Expert Yoga Instruction followed by an amazing 60 MINUTES Massage, for the price of a 75-minute massage.
Why should you book a yoga session with a massage?
Because it’s like Wine and Cheese. Or ice cream with whipped cream and the cherry on top. Yoga and massage work together perfectly to give your body and mind the rest you need. You will get the most out of your massage just by practicing some yoga postures and breathing techniques beforehand.
Have you ever practiced yoga in a popular studio here in Denver and felt completely lost?  Have you gone to a ‘famous teacher’s’ class and just don’t ‘get’ why this yoga class is so great?  Or more frightening – have you ever injured yourself in a yoga class?
If you have never even practiced yoga or answered yes to any of the questions above, then this is the exact reason why starting a private practice with a yoga instructor/bodyworker is the best way to start on your Self-care journey.
In recent months, our society has been going through a great deal of stress – election stress, working harder, longer hours at a computer and more time looking down at our mobile devices.
This will affect the way you hold tension in our body, mind and spirit even as you read this post. Is your neck upright? Is your chest broad and your core engaged? Do you feel aligned right now? Probably not. That is where yoga + massage can help you tremendously.
Usually, by the time you are on the massage table it can take some time to calm the nervous system to receive the bodywork because you are already in stress response mode.  Your thoughts might be racing and it could feel hard to become settled with pain in your body. By the time the massage is almost over, it can feel like it just began because you are finally able to feel more relaxed. 
Practicing yoga postures privately or with a small group can help because an expert teacher at Lodo Massage can see your postural patterns before you even get on the massage table.  A yoga session would be customized for you at your pace – it’s your class – not the instructor’s class! There is no ‘agenda’ – just working with your own body, breath, mind state that target your areas of tension can not only make the massage more beneficial but you can continue to practice your yoga – the poses that fit the lifestyle you lead. 
After a yoga session at LoDo Massage in RINO or the Highlands – you are really ready to get your massage. By the time you are on the massage table, you are already in a calm state, your breath has slowed down, thoughts stopped racing and you will be ready to receive the full bodywork that you need.
Expert yoga instructors/bodyworkers can design a yoga class that is based on your anatomy, your lifestyle, your goals and the poses that will ease you into more freedom in the mind and the body. Then you will float onto the table and receive a fantastic massage. When you are done with your session, you will feel like a reset button was pressed, be refreshed – leaving anything that doesn’t serve you behind, less stressed out and glad that you are taking care of yourself. The only way to experience the yoga and massage combo is to jump in and try it. We have many yoga instructors that are also bodyworkers here at LoDo massage that would love to work with you.
Here is a list of our yoga instructors/massage therapist and their experience:

Let LoDo Massage Studio help you!  Book a 90-minute session with one of our yoga instructor/massage therapists for 30 minutes of yoga and 60 minutes of bodywork for the price of a 75-minute treatment for the month of November. There is no better way to take care of yourself – than right at this very moment.

LoDo Massage Studio Staff
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